Books update: Pragmatic Thinking and Learning by Andy Hunt


This is a very good book covering a lot of information. You may need to read some chapters more than once. Briefly you can learn about: 1. What are the levels between novice and experts 2. How is your brain working and what is the right and left brain thinking 3. How to unleash your creativity and start using your “right”. 4. Cognitive biases and why you should not trust your memory. 5. How to make plans, gain experience and manage your focus. There is a lot to learn, find... Read The Rest →

Books update: Hooked by Nir Eyal

hooked nick yeal

The “Hooked” is a great mini concept making you understand what are people needing and how to make your product more reusable. ps. Don’t abuse the newly acquired power :) Short (17+min) video to get you started: You will learn about the basic 4 phases: 1. Triggers 2. Action 3. Variable Award 4. Investmen To learn more … find the time and read the book :)

CSS Secrets by Lea Verou

CSS Secrets by Lea Verou

The internet is vast and searching for useful learning materials is not easy. Video tutorials, books, articles … there are a lot of them out there, but the quality is not so good, most of them will just take you time and give too little in return. This is not the case with Lea Verou’s book – CSS Secrets. If you don’t trust me ;), read the reviews. Happy reading.

OpenUI5 oData binding (working code example)


The binding with oData in OpenUI5/SAPUI5 is a little bit tricky. The first thing to know is to use something to go around the CSR (Cross Site Request) restriction. The other small but important thing is to know how to set the binding path. Code example: <!DOCTYPE html> <html><head> <meta http-equiv='X-UA-Compatible' content='IE=edge' /> <meta http-equiv='Content-Type' content='text/html;charset=UTF-8'/> <title>Service Worker</title> <script id='sap-ui-bootstrap' src="../../../resources/sap-ui-core.js" data-sap-ui-libs='sap.m' ></script> <script> /** * Creating the model */ //This is a herokuapp for solving the Cross Site Request issue that get in the way of getting the data from Northwind.svc... Read The Rest →

Angular on Mobile


It’s interesting … angular with touch events, hovering the cordova base, running on mobile. Can be very interesting to use it with telerik’s icenium. I hope i can find the time to test it. It the performance is good i will be a killer combination. link to the article:

Kojak: A simple JavaScript profiler

Kojak is a simple utility that can help you figure out which of your JavaScript functions are running too slow. It tracks which of your functions are called, how often they are called, how much time they are taking, how the functions were called. It can also track your ajax calls and help figure out how fast they are. (Kojak was a tv show detective)  Why Kojak? I’ve found that Chrome’s developer tools or Firebug didn’t usually help me figure out where my client side code was slow. I wanted a... Read The Rest →

MEAN – Mongo, Express, Angular, Node


MEAN is a boilerplate that provides a nice starting point for MongoDB, Node.js, Express, and AngularJS based applications. It is designed to give you quick and organized way to start developing of MEAN based web apps with useful modules like mongoose and passport pre-bundled and configured. We mainly try to take care of the connection points between existing popular frameworks and solve common integration problems. Prerequisites Node.js – Download and Install Node.js. You can also follow this gist for a quick and easy way to install Node.js and npm MongoDB – Download and Install MongoDB – Make... Read The Rest →

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